Premium Pet Nutrition. Vacuum-Sealed. Freshness Delivered.

Premium Pet Nutrition. Vacuum-Sealed. Freshness Delivered.


Due to supply chain issues we will be unable to restock our current inventory of products. Our remaining inventory of dog and cat foods have Best By dates of August 2023. These Best Bys are conservative with our vacuum packaging technology but please keep this in mind if ordering. We are offering all remaining product with a 55% clearance discount for orders over $50 and free shipping.

Premium Pet Food. Vacuum-Sealed. Freshness Delivered.

At Intrepid Pet, we harness the power of our fresh pack system where we vacuum seal and nitrogen flush our air-tight bags to keep the freshness of kibble and treats. We also ensure that they are always as flavorful as possible with only the best ingredients for your pets to enjoy.


Our dog Max surely enjoyed the dog food a lot! I loved the part of it being vacuum sealed! He also loves the Goat Milk Treats and Cheese-bitz Treats! It seemed to fill him up as he wasn’t starving in the morning or nudging us in the evening at dinner time! 

Machen Messerschmidt

Intrepid pet food is absolutely amazing!!!! We have a cat, two French Mastiffs and a German Shepherd. They devoured it. One of our Mastiffs has severe allergies and very red ears, eyes , face and paws. It has really helped tamper the redness and irritation. Just adore their products and customer service!

Jenifer Griffin

My cat LOVES her new food. Just ordered a case so she should be happy for several months. We tried giving her previous food back to her, which she has eaten for at least 10 years.....she won't touch it. I highly recommend Intrepid cat food to all cat owners.

Karla Ford

My dog Ripley loved the Chicken and Brown Rice. She ate the entire bowl each day in one serving. In the past, she only would eat a little at a time of her old food... and was not very excited by the flavor. The fact that the Intrepid food had "Vacuum Packed Freshness" likely made the difference. What a great idea! Ripley also loved the Cheese-Bitz snacks. I had to ration those out as rewards. Incredible products. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a happy pet!

Robert Baydo

It is wonderful to see Zoey looking forward to her meals. She’s always been a good eater, but never paid much attention when I was preparing her food, or been particularly prompt to her bowl. Boy has that changed. After I started giving her Intrepid (chicken & rice dog food) she now sits, watches me intently, and can hardly wait for me to give her the ok [to eat]. Food that is good for her AND that she loves?! Winner.

Helen Sanjume

My dog, who really hasn't/doesn't like any dog food, loves your dog food. He eats it all up and would keep eating if we let him. Before, his food would become food for the magpies every morning— now there are no magpies on our front porch and he eats his entire portion right when we feed him. He seems to have more energy and definitely enjoys his food. Now we have to do something with his old 40 lb bag of dog food. Thanks again.

Phil McLean

We have two dogs, a Boston/Frenchie mix and a Boston/poodle mix. Both are a little weird about changing their food up. They took to this right away. I chalked it up to the extra freshness from the vacuum seal. The smaller sized bags made it easy for them to eat it all while the freshness maintained, as opposed to how long a larger sized bag we would normally buy lasted. We've tried the cheese treats and the dogs we equally pleased with those, too.

Randy Vinneau

We have a yellow lab. After starting this new line of dog food, he got to where he would get super excited at feeding time. He loves it. Vacum pack is very nice too. Cheese-Bitz treats was his favorite.

Kimm Taylor

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