Intrepid Pet donating 13,000 lbs of food to support animal shelters

During the COVID crisis, many animal shelters are facing an increase in adoption requests. This good news also generates additional demand for food for the animals in their new families. To educate new pet owners about feeding their pets with premium quality food, Intrepid Pet is launching a new initiative for families to bring home their new pet with a free bag of food. 

Intrepid Pet, a family-owned business from Washington State, is sending over 13,000 lbs of dog food to adoption centers across the country. This new initiative stems from a desire for owners Phil Bray and Ben Bray to help their communities and to encourage new pet parents to buy quality food. 

“We had a surplus of food and we wanted to help with the adoption of new animals and support shelters. We know that new pet owners often need orientation and we believe our products will meet their needs effectively,” says Ben Bray.

For the shelters, this initiative is highly appreciated and helps make adoption an unforgettable moment for the animals and their new families.

Premium pet food for cats and dogs

Intrepid Pet markets their premium pet food with Chicken and Brown Rice Dog Food and Grain-Free Indoor Cat Food in a special fresh pack system directly to consumers. This premium food is all-natural with added vitamins and minerals. Chicken is the first ingredient in this healthy, made in USA food. Dogs and cats will be delighted! 

Vacuum-Packed freshness

Much of the pet food donations that shelters receive is near its expiration. Intrepid Pet’s pet food is vacuum-packed and nitrogen flushed to maintain freshness and reduce oxidation as well as the formation of free radicals, which reduce the quality and palatability of pet food.

Dog Discovery Pack

“We've worked hard to craft a quality natural dog food that meets the nutritional needs of your pet. We have vacuum-packed our creation to ensure it arrives as fresh as possible. This means maximum taste and enjoyment for your dog as well as maximum nutritional value,” explains Ben Bray. The action is underway and Intrepid Pet is sending bags to additional shelters.

About Intrepid Pet: Intrepid Pet is a pet food brand based in Deer Park, WA. Founded in 2015, the brand produces premium pet food and treats for dogs and cats.