Intrepid Superhero Pets: a Cat Lost for Five Years Makes an Incredible Return Home

Kara Hanlon from Des Moines, Iowa, lost her precious cat in 2015. Her beautiful Lottie escaped from her home just before Christmas 5 years ago. After several months of searching, she made up her mind to give up the search believing that her cat was definitely lost.

Miracles do happen during the Christmas season!  When Hanlon received a call from an animal rescue service, she couldn't believe it: Lottie had been found, and she was finally coming home. 

The Des Moines Register reported that the Animal Rescue League recovered the cat and, thanks to his implanted microchip, were able to rapidly identify and contact his owner.

“It was so shocking. It had been so long that, if somebody had found him, I assumed they would have had him scanned for a chip. We had kind of moved on and not thought that he was still alive,” Hanlon said. “It’s just so ironic that the same week of my last picture, five years apart, is when he comes back. It does seem like a Christmas miracle that he just shows up and we get this letter out of the blue.”


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What happened for five years? 

Nobody really knows, but Lottie was found relatively close to his home. According to the report, the lost cat was discovered 10 miles from home near a catering company. The owners of the company had apparently found the cat and took care of him, assuming he was a stray. He spent two weeks with the family before they called animal control and that’s when the lost kitty’s microchip was finally scanned and the connection made.

Losing a pet is terrible news but all is well that ends well for Lottie and her family!