Intrepid Superhero Pets: Cleo's Mysterious 57-mile Journey

A 4-year-old Labrador named Cleo showed up at her old home about 60 miles away in Lawson, Missouri. Her owners moved out of the house two years ago, but Cleo never forgot her sweet home!

When their dog went missing two weeks ago, Cleo's owners had posted on Facebook about the missing dog. They couldn't believe it when the new house owners called and said Cleo had walked home.

"It's the most bizarre story. Really, she's everything to us and to my mother," said Drew, Cleo's owner.

It is 57 miles door-to-door from Olathe to Lawson, and neither family knows exactly how Cleo made the trip.

Dog Discovery Pack

Both said they may never know anything about her journey. The dog would have had to cross the river at some point to get back home.

"It's a mystery, something we will probably never know".


Dog's sense of smell and visual markers

The canine sense of smell is more highly developed compared to a human’s sense of smell. Dogs have more olfactory neurons than humans—about 220 million to 2 billion, versus the measly 12 to 40 million that humans have.

Even though a dog’s visual acuity is about 3 to 4 times worse than humans, they can still recognize and remember visual cues that they may find meaningful.

We can say that Cleo deserves the title of "Intrepid Superhero Pet"!