Intrepid Superhero Pets: Miss Rigby, the natural sailor

Everyone knows cats hate baths, pools, oceans, and pretty much any body of water. But that fact doesn't affect Miss Rigby, the true definition of an Intrepid Kitty who has spent her entire life sailing the ocean.

Miss Rigby is an American Burmese who has lived on a boat with her owners, Shane and Maryvonne, since she was a kitten. She was offered to them by a breeder in Connecticut.

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A ‘dog-like’ cat breed
Maryvonne specially chose this cat breed, known to be the most ‘dog-like’ of all cat breeds. “They are extremely loving and loyal and also trainable—well, as much as you can train a cat,” she said. “But the boat is her home and she loves it.”

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New life at sea
Shane and Maryvonne previously ran their own architecture business before finally deciding in 2010 to close their company and pursue their passion for sailing. Their dream: live on their boat and travel full time. Together, they have explored the coastal waters of the United States and the Caribbean seas. Maryvonne says that the feline is usually confined to the lower cabin or allowed on deck or in the cockpit during calm weather.


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Rigby's joyful journey

Maryvonne is still impressed with the cat's ability to enjoy her life on the boat. “Rigby joined us in Long Island, New York and since then, we have sailed up and down the East Coast and across into the Bahamas numerous times.” They like their hikes with the kitty on the islands. "We have trained her to be like a dog and she hasn’t let us down."



We can say that Rigby deserves the title of "Intrepid Superhero Pet"!