Our mission

Help pets live a richer and healthier life by delivering the freshest kibble possible.

Millions of dogs and cats across the country are eating stale food. Most dry kibble pet food consumed today is delivered in leaky perforated packaging. These open-air bags sit in warehouses, on trucks, and on shelves before sitting some more at home. During this time, oxidation is breaking down nutrients, forming free radicals, and wrecking flavor. You wouldn't settle for this in your bag of potato chips. Your pets shouldn't either for their daily meal. Our smaller air-tight barrier bags are vacuum-packed and back-flushed with nitrogen. It's the freshest way to buy kibble for your pet.

Our brand

Intrepid Pet is a family owned business with roots dating back over 27 years, when our founder Phil Bray started packaging pet food for the demanding overseas Asian market.

Phil started his career with Carnation Company (now a division of Nestlé) working in the livestock feed and pet food distribution business in the Pacific Northwest. In 1993, Phil saw the need to supply small and medium sized overseas distributors in the Asian markets with high quality pet food made and packaged in the USA.

Before long, it became evident that it was necessary to develop a better way to package the pet food in order to maintain the best possible product given the long transit time and hot humid conditions that many of the products were being exposed to in Asia. Paper and or plastic bags that are not airtight could not maintain the quality our customers demanded.

Intrepid pet owners 

Vacuum-Packed Freshness

That’s when we developed our fresh pack system, where we vacuum pack and nitrogen flush our bags to maintain freshness and reduce oxidation as well as the formation of free radicals that reduce the quality and palatability of pet food.

In 2015, Phil’s son Ben joined the company. Recognizing that pet parents in the US want the best possible “fresh foods” for their pets, Ben began work on developing a dog and cat food utilizing the time-tested vacuum pack system we utilize for the overseas market. We are calling this new line Intrepid Pet foods.