What is your vacuum-packed system?

We developed our own fresh pack system, where we vacuum pack and nitrogen flush our bags to maintain freshness and reduce oxidation as well as the formation of free radicals that reduce the quality and palatability of pet food. Your pets will taste the difference!

How long will your bags feed my dog?

For an average 25 lb dog, one 3.5 lb bag will feed for a full week. A case of food (8 bags) will feed the same dog for two months. Each bag contains about 15 cups of food.

How long will your bags feed my cat?

For an average 10 lb cat, one 1.4 lb bag will feed for 10-11 days. Three bags will feed the same cat for a month, and a case of food (12 bags) would feed the cat for 4 months. Each bags holds about 5.5 cups of food.

Why are your bags more valuable than those of your competitors?

A classic 25-lb bag for a 25-lb dog might be opened and closed (and exposed to air) for 7 weeks before it’s used up. For cat food, another vendor’s 12-lb bag would be open/closed and exposed to air for almost 3 months if it was just feeding one average cat. During this time, oxidation is breaking down nutrients, forming free radicals, and wrecking flavor. You wouldn't settle for this in your bag of potato chips. Your pets shouldn't either for their daily meal. Our smaller, air-tight barrier bags are vacuum-packed and back-flushed with nitrogen. It's the freshest way to buy kibble for your pet.

What is your company goal?

Intrepid Pet is a family owned business with roots dating back over 27 years. We want to help your pets live a richer and healthier life by delivering the freshest kibble possible.

Where is the Intrepid Pet brand located?

Our headquarters are located in Deer Park, Washington, just outside of Spokane. Our dry pet food packaging facilities are located in Kansas City, Missouri.