Intrepid Superhero Pet: This heroic kitty jumped on bullies to defend his young owner

The heroic Smudge came to the rescue of his five-year-old human by jumping on the bullies who had pushed him to the ground. 


Ethan Fenton was playing football in the garden with his younger brother. A group of older, taller boys walked over and shouted, "Why are you ignoring me?" before pushing him to ground right outside his family home. His mother, who noticed her son being pushed to the ground through the window, was on her way to the door to investigate.

"I saw three boys who were much taller and older than Ethan walk over to our front gate," she said.

However, once she reached the front yard she witnessed their 4-year-old kitty, Smudge, sprint into action and hiss and paw at the bullies. 

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A true hero

The boy and his friends were so shocked by the tabby cat’s actions that they ran away crying, leaving Ethan and his two-year-old brother Ashton alone.

"I happened to find this younger boy laid on his back on my lawn in tears with a cat sat on his belly!" Ethan's mother, Sarah Fenton, explained. The bullies learned their lesson and ran away defeated, and Smudge was named a hero by his family.

Smudge was nominated for "Most Heroic" in a national cat competition.

We can say that he deserves the title of "Intrepid Superhero Pet"!



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